A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Seven people wake up in a strange facility. None of them remember how they got there or why. With no way of figuring out their situation, they decide to explore the mysterious building.

A camera on the ceiling, steel-plated walls, rooms that shouldn't exist; the deeper they venture, the more confused they get. When impossible things begin to happen, the group struggles to keep their grip on reality—and their lives.

*Disclaimer: All art, music and sounds in this game are just placeholders.  Dialogue and art may not match.


Placeholder-pc.zip 212 MB
Placeholder-mac.zip 195 MB


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That was a very great read! The kind of narrative that can only be achieved within the videogame/Visual Novel medium… Well done!

T h a t  w a s  t o o  m u c h  f o r  m e.